Salmon Fishing


Terrace has the largest Chinook (King) salmon in the world. The raw power of these fish is extraordinary. Head Guide Stan Doll has beached fish over eighty pounds and has been beaten by King salmon larger than that. He has also guided many other fishermen to fish of these dimensions over the course of a guiding career that has lasted more than a quarter of a century.

Stan will get you tackled up, get your hook into Chinook, and coach you as you do the rest. This fishing experience is electric and athletic -- a once in a lifetime experience. Come and experience it!


Sockeye: there are millions of them during a year of good returns to the Skeena. Only recently opened to sports fishers, and formerly considered to be non-biters, the small, but speedy salmon can be fooled into taking a fly or lure.

Like the pink salmon, the sockeye is fine table fare and a welcome surprise on a day when fishing for the other species is slow. A fast sinking line is best for sockeye since these beautiful, blue-backed creatures prefer a fly fished close to the bottom. Pinks, which range from four to eight pounds normally, are best taken on a trout rod or light spinning gear. In the places we catch them they are still bright and firm.


For years Northern Coho -- the largest of the species, by the way -- were frustratingly difficult to catch with a fly. This was particularly irritating since they are wonderful fish to play on a fly rod. In the last decade we have honed our fishing technique to the point of where these finely proportioned salmon are a mainstay in our guiding.

Clients have hooked as many as thirty a day. Through this kind of fishing is not the norm, we guarantee enough Coho in one day to please any angler. Coho are wonderful game fish in fresh water and dazzling fish in the sea. Of course, casting spoons for Coho is a time tested technique. If you wish to angle them that way, we'll put you on the right run.

Recently we have begun seeking our salt water fly fishing opportunities in estuaries and bays. You may wish to join us on such and adventure!